Through material research, extensive experimentation, and iteration, Hive Earth develops economical, eco-friendly ways of building contemporary architecture across the African continent, using rammed earth as a medium.

The “ETA'DAN” (Fante for mud wall) project introduces a multipurpose, deconstructed rammed earth wall to the Al Qasimiyah School, composed of locally sourced soil. The wall serves as an interactive, convivial venue for children and adults alike, featuring a carved-out semi-circular feature, a raised platform, and a stepped rectilinear form. Planters integrated into the structure engage with the context of the school’s nearby garden, and the various niches and recesses invite the public to sit, rest, and play.

“ETA'DAN” looks to redefine the architectural perception of rammed earth — proving that aesthetics and functionality need not necessarily be compromised for a sustainable outcome. Drawing upon the challenges posed by limited resources across the Global South, the wall becomes an exemplary model for adapting design to foster a more harmonious ecological future.