Papa Omotayo & Eve Nnaji MOE+AA/ADD-apt

Papa Omotayo (MOE+ AA) and Eve Nnaji (ADD_apt) are a collaborating team based in Lagos, Nigeria working on a series of projects and installations focused on cultural infrastructure, ecology, and material intelligence.

Papa Omotayo is an award-winning filmmaker, architect, designer, and writer. His work strongly focuses on exploring the nature of culture and its context within contemporary Nigerian and the extended African setting, locally and globally.

Eve Nnaji is an architectural designer, researcher, and writer. She is the founder of Addapt, a practice that utilizes architecture, design, and data as a tool to bridge environmental consciousness with urban development. Her research interests include urban flood mitigation strategies, bio-fabrication, and material intelligence.

MOE+ Art Architecture (MOE+AA) is an architecture, design, and artistic production practice established in Lagos, Nigeria in 2014. It aims to enhance the quality and value of design across the continent through a collaborative human and environmentally sensitive practice, one that embraces local solutions and aspirations. Focusing on context, culture, materiality, and ecology, its current portfolio within Nigeria aims to define a pragmatic African-led design process of making through engagement with the art of motifs and metaphors.

Papa Omotayo & Eve Nnaji MOE+AA/ADD-apt