Field Note

Everything—In Your Love—Becomes Easy

Raafat Majzoub

Everything—In Your Love—Becomes Easy probes the unquantifiable labors of love that sustain broken systems of resource management in Lebanon. It is a project within a project and is reflective of Raafat Majzoub’s works that act as double agents, challenging contemporary art infrastructures to prototype cultural practices and vice versa. This video shows the artist enlisting three craftspeople and a cinematographer to build a streetschool with a small budget provided by an exhibition in Beirut.

The video’s second layer reveals that the budget will be divided equally among the workers, with no separate funds allotted for materials. Instead, any material expenses would be deducted from everyone’s labor fees. From the initial meeting to the installation of the streetschool at “How to Reappear," curated by Kayfa-ta at Beirut Art Center, the video uncovers frictions, intimacies, and dynamics involved in collaborative efforts within systems of scarcity.

The title, “Everything—In Your Love—Becomes Easy,” is a quote from a WhatsApp voice note captured by one of the team members, affirming his commitment to the work despite its unconventional formula. Situated within a cultural context, this video resonates with the imposed scarcities experienced in the art and culture sectors. It navigates the boundaries, sustainability, and future prospects of the undernourished love that holds everything together.

Raafat Majzoub is an architect, artist, writer, director of The Khan: The Arab Association for Prototyping Cultural Practices, and editor-in-chief of the Dongola Architecture Series.

Everything—In Your Love—Becomes Easy